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Torpol Oil&Gas provide comprehensive services for the Clients dealing with processing installations and equipment packages for oil and gas sector. Our goal is to deliver the most up-to-date technological solutions that meet input requirements and are cost-efficient in operation.

About Us

Torpol Oil&Gas provides complete packages for oil and gas processing plants or individual equipment of any size or configuration. We provides:

  • engineering
  • procurement
  • construction
  • transportation to site
  • installation
  • supervision
  • commissioning
  • start-up

Natural Gas

Torpol Oil&Gas has significant knowledge in the field of natural gas installations and implements only the latest and energy-saving technologies.

We can design and supply for gas processing installations the following equipment and units:

Pressure Vessels:

  • vessels
  • filters
  • coalescers
  • separators
  • adsorbers
  • towers
  • in-line heaters
  • heat-exchangers

Low Temp Separation

We designs and delivers LTS units for removal heavy HC from gas.

Downstream of separator we use:

  • Joule-Thomson valve
  • turboexpander
  • mechanical refrigeration

Glycol Gas Dehydration

We supply glycol gas dehydration and regeneration units for onshore plants as well as offshore platform, we use EG, DEG, TEG or TREG to remove saturation water from gas

Amine Sweetening

We offer amine units for sour gas or sour NGL, we use sweetening units for remove:

  • hydrogen sulfide (H2S)
  • carbon dioxide (CO2)
  • mercaptans

We utilize aqueous solution of:

  • MEA
  • DEA
  • DGA
  • MDEA

Mole Sieve

We execute mole sieve ready for

  • carbon dioxide removal from gas
  • mercaptans removal from gas, LPG and condensate (C5+)
  • hydrogen sulphide removal from gas, LPG and condensate (C5+)


We supply fractionation units to recover hydrocarbon products from natural gas liquids (NGL), we can separate them by absorption or low temp separation, products may be: C2, C3, C4,C5+, gasoline, naphtha, kerasine ect.

Gas Compression

In cooperation with world-wide compressor packagers we can supply unit based on:

  • positive displacement compressor reciprocating or rotary
  • dynamic compressor either centrifugal, axial or mixed flow

Crude Oil

The knowledge and experience of our engineers has granted us a leading position in the range of quality and reability for quality and reliability for small and medium packages in Oil&Gas sector.

We can design and supply for crude oil installations the following equipment and units:

Pressure Vessels

  • vessels
  • filters
  • coalescers
  • separators
  • adsorbers
  • towers
  • in-line heaters
  • heat-exchangers


We can supply skid-mounted or traditionally on-site constructed separation equipment like:

  • scrubbers & knockouts
  • 2-phase separators
  • 3-phase separators
  • liquid/liquid separators
  • gas/liquid filters and coalescers


We provide units for stabilize crude oil and condensate to atm Reid Vapour Pressure (RVP) for storage & transport and to remove H2S if crude oil or condensate are sour.


We provide units for stripping crude oil, condensate or produced water to remove H2S using low pressure sweet natural gas and to reduce vapor pressure to prevent vaporization losses during transportation.


We offer crude oil units to remove inorganic salts from crude oil, we use electrostatic desalters to treat crude oil in:

  • one stage
  • two stages
  • three stages


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